Bayesian Psychiatry and the Social Focus of Delusions. (with Marcella Montagnese) (download here)

Single-Authored Articles


Is the Brain an Organ for Free Energy Minimisation? Philosophical Studies. (published / preprint)

Signalling, Commitment, and Strategic Absurdities. Mind and Language. (published / preprint).


Motivated Ignorance, Rationality, and Democratic Politics. Synthese (published / preprint)

Imaginative Constraints and Generative Models. Australasian Journal of Philosophy (published)


Epistemic Irrationality in the Bayesian Brain. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. (publishedfinal draft)

Socially Adaptive Belief. Mind and Language. (published/ preprint)

Hierarchical Minds and the Perception/Cognition Distinction. Inquiry. (published / penultimate draft)


Predictive Minds and Small-Scale Models: Kenneth Craik’s Contribution to Cognitive SciencePhilosophical Explorations. (published / penultimate draft)

Predictive Coding and Thought. Synthese. (published / penultimate draft)

Hierarchical Bayesian Models of DelusionConsciousness and Cognition. (published / penultimate draft)

Pragmatism and the Predictive MindPhenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. (published / penultimate draft)


Predictive Processing and the Representation WarsMinds and Machines. (published)



Action, Affordances, and Anorexia: Body Representation and Basic Cognition (co-authored with Stephen Gadsby). Synthese. (published / penultimate draft)


From Symbols to Icons: The Return of Resemblance in the Cognitive Neuroscience Revolution (co-authored with Lincoln Colling)Synthese. (published)


Steven Horst, “Cognitive Pluralism”. Philosophical Psychology. (final draft)

Andy Clark, “Surfing Uncertainty”. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences. (final draft)

General Audience

I’m interviewed about some of my research here and here. Among other topics, we talk about social signalling, identity-protective cognition, irrational belief, political misinformation, motivated reasoning, and rationalisation.

I was interviewed for BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme (begins at 1:50:40) about political ignorance and misinformation.

To communicate scientific research, we need to confront motivated ignorance (Blog at LSE Impact) (summarises my Motivated Ignorance paper).

Hierarchical Bayesian Models of Delusion (Blog Post at Imperfect Cognitions)

Doctoral Thesis: ‘The Mind as a Predictive Modelling Engine: Generative Models, Structural Similarity, and Mental Representation’

I wrote up brief and accessible blog posts on each of the chapters of my thesis, which can be found here. The thesis itself can be found here.